We are leveraging and harnessing the power of Cognitivity within our factories by making all our design to manufacturing processes Industry 4.0 capable. That includes the expansion of our proprietary Techniplas Business System (TBS) company-wide connecting all our production lines and factories and delivering predictive and prescriptive analytics and excellence.

Next, we expect to roll out TBS to our supplier and partner ecosystem. Concurrent with that we are bringing Cognitivity to our customers through new products and services. We believe that autonomous cars will become the most concentrated cluster of human-to-machine interfaces combined with data, and we are developing and deploying cognitive lighting systems that provide haptic feedback to passenger, pedestrians and other cars.

Our Adaptive Air/Water Management systems already deliver substantial energy efficiency while enhancing overall driver and passenger wellness through responsive cockpit air management that keeps CO2 at safe levels. And that’s just the beginning, so stay tuned for more.

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